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A Sophisticated American Steakhouse Experience
in the Heart of Brickell

Lafayette Steakhouse, born from the visionary mind of Mr. Hospitality Miami, marries the nostalgic charm of an all-American steakhouse with the refined sophistication of a London speakeasy.

Every corner is adorned with meticulously chosen artwork that pays homage to American heritage, while a rich color palette of luxurious mahogany, oak, and sumptuous leather upholstery envelops guests in an inviting ambiance of timeless elegance.

At Lafayette, culinary mastery takes center stage, enhanced by an expansive, notable assortment of prestigious wines and luxury spirits.


A Culinary Odyssey of French Flair and Charred Perfection, Led by Chef Kylian Goussot

At Lafayette Steakhouse, we prioritize culinary excellence with premium, hand-selected meats sourced exclusively from America’s finest family-owned farms.

Our Executive Chef, Kylian Goussot, renowned for his Michelin-starred background, curates an ingredient-driven menu featuring dry-aged USDA prime cuts, fresh seafood delicacies, and intricately flavored dishes.

Embracing the time-honored practice of cooking over a wood charcoal Josper oven, Chef Goussot and his skilled team of chefs infuse each dish with a depth of flavor and unique complexity, culminating in a culinary experience that tells a story of tradition and culinary expertise.


Fine Wines, Premium Spirits,
and Expertly Crafted Artisanal Cocktails

Our beverage program is a testament to sophistication and refined taste, boasting an unrivaled collection of fine wines, vintage spirits, and expertly crafted artisanal cocktails, designed to complement every palate, preference, and special occasion.

Under the guidance of Head Sommelier, Gabrielle Neuberg, each bottle shares a unique narrative, inviting guests to explore the art of wine pairing while uncovering hidden gems from our meticulously curated cellar.

Every sip of our libations extends an invitation to indulge in life’s finer pleasures and savor the essence of unparalleled craftsmanship.


Elegance Redefined with Timeless Charm
and European Finesse

Imbued in a distinguished aura of old-world charm and timeless European elegance, Lafayette presents a bold yet inviting experience that seductively unveils its allure as guests wander through its spaces.

Imagined by Carlos Rodriguez, Principal of Escala Forma Studio, in collaboration with Mathieu Massa, Founder and CEO of Mr. Hospitality Miami, every element of this culinary sanctuary has been meticulously crafted to elevate the dining experience beyond the ordinary, into what stands as the epitome of style and sophistication within Miami’s dining landscape.

Draped in a rich, deep-toned color scheme and adorned with opulent mahogany, oak, and sumptuous leather upholstery, Lafayette channels the essence of a coveted London speakeasy, beckoning guests into a realm of prestige and splendor.